One Stormy Night


Co-Produced by
Sparky Animation, Bandai Visual, Baku Enterprise and Duckbill Entertainment

Season 1: 26 x 22’ (Available now!)

Humorous and powerfully thrilling, One Stormy Night is a brand new CGI animation series based on the most successful children’s books post-WWII in Japan authored by award-winning Yuichi Kimura.

The series is an extended epilogue of the children’s book, where we follow the journeys and explorations of May, a spirited young goat, and Gabu, a wolf who is also May’s courageous best friend. Each episode tells how May and Gabu try to have adventurous fun, while hiding their companionship from their respective tribes at the same time.

Enemies by nature, sworn friends by nurture; One Stormy Night series incorporates the vision of devotion of friendship despite being two opposing animals, a goat and a wolf – May who should be the prey and Gabu the predator. The story emphasizes the crucial theme that anyone from anywhere can cultivate spirited friendships with a little heart and courage as mirrored by the impossible friendship between May and Gabu.

The One Stormy Night series is developed and co-produced by Emmy nominated Sparky Animation, Bandai Visual, Baku Enterprise and Duckbill Entertainment to bring this affectionate and charming tale of friendship to the television screen for the first time. One Stormy Night was nominated for the “Best 3D Animated Programme” award at the 2012 Asia Television Awards. The series premiered on TV Tokyo in April 2012.

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