Fleabag Monkeyface


Co-Produced by
Sparky Animation, Impossible Kids and Walker Productions

Season 1: 52 x 11’ (Available now!)

Fleabag Monkeyface is a fast paced and fearsomely funny animated series chronicling the tales and comical adventures of Fleabag Monkeyface who is part monkey, part boy but man-made, living in the disused outside toilet of his creator and best friend, Gerald’s garden.

Based on a series of hugely popular books by British award winning writing duo, Knife and Packer and published by Walker Books, the series follows the adventures of our eponymous hero, Fleabag Monkeyface, and his two creators, Gene and Gerald, best friends and fans of all things grossly silly. Each episode sees them presenting another edition of their hit TV series, Gross Out TV; a show they were given when its original presenter Dr Dirk Spamflex became evil and tried to take over the world with a monster he’d created entirely from earwax called Earmageddon.

His terrifying plan was scuppered by Gene, Gerald and Fleabag and so they inherited his weekly TV slot banishing Spamflex to obscurity. Now he wants his show back and no plan is too dastardly or too crazed in his attempts to achieve this, leading to the maddest, grossest adventures ever seen on TV.

The series is developed and co-produced for TV through the partnership of Sparky Animation, Impossible Kids and Walker Productions, bringing these incredibly funny books and madcap characters onto the screen for the first time. Fleabag Monkeyface has been launched on CITV, ITV and GMTV since 2011.