Produced by
Young Toys and Studio Button
52 x 11’

Tobot V is a thrilling action animated television series produced by Young Toys and Studio Button.

The story starts when Galaxy Weapon 1 from outer space falls into Taeyang’s house and brings his father’s RC cars to life. Being oblivious, Taeyang uses Galaxy Weapon 1 which actually resembles a remote control, to transform the RC cars into robots which leads to solving robbery cases in the city.

Taeyang eventually becomes friends with Tobot V from outer space, forming an alliance to conquer much bigger cases which includes fighting against the Pacmen who are trying to take over the city, and to stop the space villain Demons who are threatening Earth by the minute to take away the 6 Galaxy weapons!

Sparky Animation provided services for the Asset Creation, Animation, Effects and Rendering of 6 episodes for Tobot V Season 1, as commissioned by Young Toys and Studio Button.

For more information, visit Tobot V’s official YouTube channel and Tobot V’s official website.

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