Produced by
Lammtara Pictures (Dubai)
Season 1: 15 x 15’ (Available now!)
Season 2: 13 x 22’ (Available now!)

Siraj, a production by Lammtara Art Production, is a brand that teaches the basics of the Arabic language to children in a fun and engaging way. This edutainment show features 15 episodes, each 15 minutes long and targets pre-schoolers aged from three to five years old. Siraj follows the siblings Rashid and Noura on an exciting journey of discovery, which starts in the National Library of Qatar and sees their grandmother giving them a task to visit her 28 friends, guided by a map. Each of these friends are animals which represent the 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. The show will focus on the various pillars of language; writing, pronunciation, reading, identifying the letter and objects that start with that letter and recognising the different letter accentuations. A fun, catchy song ends the show and is further supported by the publication of an app which reinforces the episodic letter and enhances the learning programme.

Sparky Animation provided services from Asset Creation, Rigging, Layout, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing & Effects.

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