Co-Produced by
Sparky Animation, Groupe PVP


Season 1: 52 x 11’ (Available now!)
Season 2: 26 x 11’ (Available now!)

Jack is a scientist of sorts – an explorer. He lives a normal life with his two companions in his home in Beano, a small asteroid that orbits the earth. Unbeknownst to all parents on Earth, he quietly tunes in with the help of CHIP to search for and monitor little mysteries for Earth’s children. When one of those questions strikes his fancy, he goes on a mission to investigate, and unravel the mysteries.

Aided by the “Outer-Net” (internet available off of the earth), Jack with his two precious side kicks – CHIP, and Rocket the goofy little dog, embark on numerous adventures to crack open those mysteries.Of course, needless to say, no adventure would be complete without complications and obstacles in the trio’s way. But isn’t that what makes those adventures so much more fun? Using his ingenuity and quick-wit, Jack manages to come out of those complex little situations and always emerge victorious.

Oh yes!!!… did we tell you what those mysteries are all about?

The concept of “Jack” aims to create compelling stories through imaginative exploration. Through his adventures, Jack often ends up finding answers to complicated questions.

  • Where does that noise in my tummy come from?
  • Where did all the rain go?
  • What do you think lives at the bottom of the sea?

“Jack” is a series that is all about encouraging the curiosity of 6 to 9 year old children by having fun with and maybe even teach a little science. The series was nominated for Prix Gémeaux Award 2012 in the “Best Animated Series” category. In 2013, “Jack” was a winner at Canada’s, Youth Media Alliance (YMA), Award of Excellence for Best Television Program, Animation, Ages 6-8 Category

“Jack” is broadcasted on TVO, Knowledge and SRC Canada.

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