Dinosaur Train 500 Million Views

Dinosaur Train in China recorded 500 Million views in just 6 months

Dinosaur Train, a highly celebrated, Emmy Nominated Children’s animated series, is co-produced and co-invested by Sparky Animation and The Jim Henson Company. The series has hit a remarkable current feat of 500 million viewers in China alone in just 6 months, since airing in November 2019. These total views are collectively from Chinese IPTV digital platforms in China, namely CIBN Cool Meow Film and Television (CIBN酷喵影视), Tian Mao Magic Box (天猫魔盒), Youku (优酷), Toutiao (头条), Watermelon Video (西瓜视频) and Wasu Fresh Time (华数鲜时光).

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