Sparky Entertainment is Hiring!


Sparky Entertainment is Hiring!

Sparky Entertainment is Hiring! Make your best ever career decision today!

Sparky is one of the pioneers in the arena of CG animation in Chennai. We deliver exceptional services predominantly in 3D Character Animation, Layout, VFX, 3D Modeling, Texturing, 3D Lighting and Compositing.

Below are some of our active positions, make your best-ever CAREER decision today by applying for a position that suits you best!

1. 3D Character Animator
Experience: Minimum
4 Years in industry

Layout Artist
Experience: Minimum
1 Years in industry

VFX Artist
Experience: Minimum
3 Years in industry

4. 3D Modeling
and Texturing Artists
Experience: Minimum
2 Years in industry

5. 3D Lighting and Compositing Artists
Experience: Minimum
3 Years in industry

6. Production Coordinator
Experience: Minimum
2 Years in industry

7. Pipeline Developer
Experience: Minimum
2 Years in industry

8. Python Developer
Experience: Minimum
1 Years 

9. PHP Developer
Experience: Minimum 2

10. Game Developer
Minimum 5 Years in industry

11. Game Designer
Minimum 5 Years in industry

12. Game Tester
Experience: Minimum 5 Years in industry

13. UI/UX Designer
Experience: Minimum 5 Years in industry

Note: Salary not a constraint for the right candidate

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Type of Position: Full-time permanent

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to
and specify the position in the email subject line.

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How Chennai-based Sparky Entertainment is creating a boom in the industry
Sparky Entertainment India Team

Sparky Entertainment India Team

“Since its inception not long back, Chennai-based Sparky Animation has made a name of its own. We spoke to the CEO KC Wong to take a dekko at their journey so far”.

1. The Indian arm of Sparky Animation has just completed a year, how has the journey been?

The Sparky Entertainment journey has been memorable in India. We have expanded from a team of 15 to a team of 110 now. We are looking to expand to a larger team of 3D animators and more in the next six months. The digital gaming division of Sparky has kicked off too and we are looking at creating some interesting work in the coming days.

2. The animation industry has been witnessing a sudden boom at the moment. How is this boom going to benefit Sparky Animation in Chennai?

It is definitely going to be positive. Considering the fact that we have done well even when the prospects in the industry were low, this boom is a great sign to our animation studio in Chennai and also an opportunity to create more animation jobs for candidates.

We will have more people interested in animation jobs, which in turn will give us a surplus set of fresh resources for our animation studio. We are fortunate that we already have an animation team that knows the in and out of the work structure. So, fresh recruits will have a good and realistic learning spell, working alongside an experienced set of people.

3. How has the talent pool from India benefited the organisation?

We have always been careful in selecting our employees. We are particular to only pick the best animators from the lot. It has been the same with the selection of the team in India and we are proud to say that we have some of the best talents.

Our animation team in Chennai has people working from across India, from different cultural backgrounds, which by itself means that we have meticulously been looking through every nook and corner of the country to handpick the best animators.

Sparky Entertainment has always held the reputation of balancing both quality and time. Our animation team in India has been successfully holding up that reputation.

4. How strong is Sparky Entertainment in terms of resource power? Is the recruitment drive still on?

At the moment, our team of 110 includes 3D animators, texture artists, lighting artists, VFX artists, game developers, game designers and game artists.

Yes, the recruitment drive is still on. In fact, we are looking for major expansion across all fields in animation. Sparky has been on a constant hunt for talents from the day we started operations in India. Our plans are huge and we need a big animation team for that.

Sparky Entertainment CEO KC Wong in conversation with the team

CEO KC Wong in conversation with the team

5. What has changed since the time of inception?

Like any animation company in India, we started off as an ambitious start-up that aspired to make it big. Over the last decade, we have seen major ups and downs, but have always looked at concentrating on quality work, keeping in mind how important timely delivery is.

The results have been tremendous and we are proud to be one of the most sought after animation companies in India as well as Southeast Asia. It is solely because of the sheer hard work, persistence and dedication of the team, backed by a highly supportive and experienced management team and the constant motivation that we have received from each other.

6. The last time we spoke, you had mentioned that you were going to venture into games. How much have you progressed with that?

We have set up a young and vibrant gaming team and have already completed about ten games for mobiles. The digital games are currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

We are looking to explore different genres and are also looking at eventually venturing into massively multiplayer games. We also have plans of converting existing animation IPs of Sparky into interactive digital games.

One of the members of Sparky taking a session with students

One of the members of Sparky taking a session with students

7.  Being one of the leading names in the animation field is a responsibility. How do you look to contribute to the industry?

The animation industry has proven to be healthy and full of scope if you embrace it with passion. As mentioned in the question, we believe it is our responsibility to give budding animators a clear insight on what they can expect from the industry and how it could shape their career. The Sparky team has therefore decided to invite animation institutes to visit our studio in Chennai and catch a glimpse of how the industry works. We have also decided to send experts of various fields of animation from our team to conduct seminars and share their experiences to shape the minds and skills of the artists right at the threshold. This is extremely important because the real industry is completely different from what is taught in institutions. Such industrial visits and seminars will give young artists more confidence about their career.

8. Where is Sparky Entertainment heading? What are we going to see in the near future?

We have big plans. We are currently in the process of building a strong and competitive team. We’ve got many exciting projects in the pipeline. We are also looking to set up a parallel track to produce our own concepts and bring them to life.

Now that our gaming division is also setting a good standard for itself, we are not going to settle for less. With a constantly motivated team and a wonderful work environment, we will be always striving to raise the bars higher and higher.

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Top Casual Google Play and iPhone Game of 2017

  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot
  • Circling Screenshot

Circling is an addictive game, free fun game to play, casual game – one of the best games among all casual games developed by Sparky Entertainment. This exciting casual game, which is touted to be one of the best casual games in the world, has a character running game in endless circles around a circular ring. The objective of this casual game is to collect stars that spawn around the circumference of the circle run while making sure they evade the obstacles that come their way.

It is one of those amazing games that is both exciting and works with simple controls like ‘tap and hold’, which makes it one of the best free games available in the popular games market.

Collect as many stars as possible to unlock interesting skins that make this circle runner game interesting and the coolest game ever.

Features of the casual game:

  • Extremely easy fun game to play, casual game with simple controls.

  • This addictive circle run game is free to play.

  • Keep running around the spinning circle – so simple, yet so addictive – an ultimate time pass delight.

  • Collect as many stars as possible, spinning around the circle game to unlock more skins

  • Install now to experience a smooth and addictive game play.

Sparky Entertainment: Best mobile games of 2017

Do you want to play some cool and fun games? Do you dig awesome free games? Do you like playing funny games with funny characters?

Download and install all games developed by Sparky Entertainment to enjoy a thrilling experience playing some of the best casual games in the world.

Price: Free
  • Circling! Screenshot
  • Circling! Screenshot
  • Circling! Screenshot
  • Circling! Screenshot
  • Circling! Screenshot
  • Circling! Screenshot


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3D Animator jobs in India

3D Animators Jobs in India

Opening for 3D Animator jobs in India at Sparky Entertainment

Here is an opportunity for 3D Animator  to work with one of the leading animation companies in South East Asia. Sparky Animation, which has its head quarters in Singapore, is now hiring for 3D Animators Jobs in India, for its studio in Chennai. Join the competent and fun team of Sparky which has been producing quality for over a decade.

Clients recognize Sparky for its on time delivery and the employees recognize Sparky for it’s on time salary. An animation job with Sparky means, working on exciting projects alongside one of the best animation teams in South East Asia.

One of the most common concerns of 3D Animators Jobs in India is job security and the guarantee of a long term employment. Sparky addresses this concern by planning well ahead, which is one of the sole reasons why the company has been able to stay strong since its inception.

With a dedicated team, a hand full of clients and a fun management team, Sparky aims at making work fun, competitive and secure. Join our team now.

3D Animator’s Responsibilities

  • Come up with quality dynamics, appealing and fluent character animation as per requirements in the animatics and storyboard.
  • Exploiting their strong sense of visualization skills, aesthetic senses, a good rhythmic sense in harmonizing sound animation and excellent timing skills to animate shots of multi-level difficulty such as comedy, dialogue, song and dance, action, character posture, and movement, etc.
  • Accurately address and implement the notes, feedback, and comments from supervisory staff and ensure that revisions are completed in a timely manner and require minimal iterations
  • Manage time and work collaboratively to deliver the required quota of animation on time, meet deadlines and achieve production objectives
  • Pro-actively recognize problems, troubleshoot solutions and perform self-quality checks on all of their work and flag issues, if any

Sparky Entertainment India  – 3D Animators Jobs in India – Requirements

  • At least 4 years of extensive experience in 3D Character Animation.
  • Able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers.
  • Must be able to multi task and handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Although character set up is not required on the job, basic knowledge in character set up is preferred.
  • Programming and technical knowledge are NOT required.
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Dinosaur Train takes the stage!

Dinosaur Train is on its way to Australia!

Join Buddy with his friends as they ride the train and embark on ‘A Rainforest Adventure’.  See Don, Shiny, Tiny, Mr Conductor, Tank and King, as they sing and dance their way through the deep canopies of tropical trees whilst exploring and discovering all the beautiful plants, animals and different levels of the ecosystem. 

Dinosaur Train promises to be a colourful, thrilling and exciting adventure for the whole family, larger than life and live on stage with all the famous Dinosaur Train characters in a first class production. Already a major television series, Dinosaur Train now comes to life on stages around Australia in June and July 2017.

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Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave Season 2!

Our 3 lovable friends are back for more adventures in Season 2!

Fans of Sprout’s Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave can now look forward to more “multiple-choice adventures” in the upcoming Season 2, now in production.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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Animation Xpress interviews Sparky.

Our CEO, KC Wong shares his thoughts with Animation Xpress.
Get the latest scoop here!


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Sparky Entertainment India is now hiring!

Our latest subsidiary, Sparky Entertainment Chennai, is now seeking talented individuals to fill positions from a wide range of specialty. Keen enthusiasts can now send in their resumes at 

Sparky Entertainment Chennai, commenced operations in October 2015.

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All aboard Dinosaur Train Season 4!

Fans of the acclaimed TV Series would be thrilled to know that Season 4 of the hit show is now airing!

The fourth season of Dinosaur Train continues the exploration of Earth Science, focusing this season on the themes of biodiversity and social diversity, and how both are necessary for a balanced life here on Earth.

The two-time EMMY-nominated and Parents’ Choice Silver Honor animated series, is a co-production between The Jim Henson Company and Sparky Animation Singapore. 

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Sparky was recently featured on BBC News!

Sparky Animation was recently featured on BBC News during their coverage of ‘Dinosaur Train’ and how Asia is making waves in animation. For full details, click on 

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Sparky embarks on Co-Production with Presto Digital Limited.

In line with the growth of the co-production business, Sparky Animation has secured a new exciting production deal, Rhythm Warriors. Co-produced with Presto Digital Limited (UK), Rhythm Warriors is a fantasy, adventure and comedy series calibrated to entertain while encouraging the audience to intuitively learn fundamentals of music education and appreciation.

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MDA’s Talent Assistance Scheme with Sparky Animation.

Sparky’s very own Assistant Project Manager, Ms Lin Aifeng, was featured in MDA’s Annual Report under their Talent Assistance Scheme.

Have a read at:  

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Extended Internship Programme

Sparky Animation recently signed a ‘Memorandum of Cooperation’ with Singapore Polytechnic for a comprehensive, extended internship programme.

Click here for more details!

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Dinosaur Train to air on MediaCorp’s Okto.

Get set for some wild adventures with ‘Dinosaur Train’!
Seasons 2 & 3 will be featured on MediaCorp’s Okto at the following timeslots:

Dinosaur Train Season 2 – Mon-Fri 10.30 am and 1.30 pm, 19/06 – 24/07
Dinosaur Train Season 3 – Mon-Fri 10.30 am and 1.30 pm, 27/07 – 12/08

Check out the link for full schedule details –

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Dinosaur Train gets nominated again!

Dinosaur Train was once again nominated for the ‘Best Animated series’ at the recent Kidscreen Awards 2015!

Check out the article:

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Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave clinches ‘highest rated new program’!
Great news!!
Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave’s premiere episode was Sprout’s highest rated new program premiere since LazyTown on September 5th, 2011 and Sprout’s second highest rated premiere in household delivery ever.
The show will begin airing on CBeebies this April.
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Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave premieres this holiday weekend on Sprout!

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave; a fun-filled series bubbling with adventures and games featuring three loveable and playful friends, will premiere on Sprout (US) on 14th February 2015! Presented as a modern game show spectacular for kids, viewers are invited to join in their fun as they embark on every new and exciting day trip.
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave is a co-production with Collingwood O’Hare, and in association with Sparky Animation, US broadcaster Sprout & Bejuba! Entertainment.

For more information on the series, please visit our ‘Projects’ page at

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Sparky is now a YouTube Certified Partner

Sparky Animation has been approved to be added to the YouTube Certified Partner Directory.

Sparky Animation is now designated as a certified company or individual with the inclusion in public directory of YouTube Certified companies.

We have also been approved usage of the YouTube Certified badge on our website/marketing materials with access to specialized tracks as they are launched.

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Disney’s Hit TV Series, Doc McStuffins!

Sparky Animation lent its creative juices on a work-for-hire basis in the asset creation, animation, effects and rendering of ‘Doc McStuffins’ Seasons 1 & 2.

Disney’s Doc McStuffins is a hit children’s TV series about a girl who can “fix” toys, with help from her stuffed animal friends.

For more information, check out

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Singapore Polytechnic visits us again!

Sparky Animation recently hosted students undertaking their Diploma in Digital Animation in SP, during their industrial visit. This group of 60 students had a sneak peak of what it really means to have a career in animation.

 The following feedback was received by some of the students:

Would you consider applying for a job at Sparky Animation and why?

Shahirah Afiqah says, “Yes. The staff seem helpful and the studio is dedicated to producing the highest quality/standards they are capable of.”

Muhd Sufyan says, “Yes. After hearing about Sparky’s growth and goals, I am convinced that it is a good company that many should strive for.”

Masagos says, “Yes, I feel that it could provide for my needs as it is sufficient for me to advance in my career.”

Tan Tian Lin Kaylee says, “Yes I might consider, as Sparky Animation is one of the more well-known local companies in Singapore.”

Vera Fonseka says, “Yes. The staff seem very friendly and I feel if I work at Sparky, I will get to learn a lot of new things that aren’t taught in school.”

Did this tour change your understanding of working life in the animation industry? What are the main differences from your previous understanding or expectations?

Denise Ng says,  ”Yes it has changed my understanding as I now know more about the industry and that it is a lot more than what I had imagined it to be.”

Ummi Hanik says, “Yes it did. I was expecting the job to be super strict and not much fun but after the tour, well, everything changed!”

Tessa Soh says, “Yes. I thought the animation/modeling/rigging would be so advanced that we wouldn’t even be able to understand any of it, but it was actually understandable!”

Neo Shi Jie says, “Yes, especially the difficulty between the tasks at a job and school. Also, the animation industry does not solely depend on animation itself but also on merchandising.”

Anthea Ko says, “Yes, it gave me a better understanding of the roles in the industry and the pipelines needed. Now I know which department does what and it will help me to make a more informed choice in the future.”

Thanks guys for the wonderful experience!

To view photos from the event, check out our Facebook page at the following link:

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Ryan Higa in the house!

Sparky Animation was humbled by the recent visit of YouTube sensation, Ryan Higa! During his brief stint in Singapore, Ryan dropped by the studio for a tour of the facilities.

Ryan Higa, also known by his YouTube username Nigahiga, is an American YouTube celebrity, actor, comedian, and producer of Japanese descent. Higa’s videos are either solo efforts or videos with other people such as KevJumba. He’s known for his YouTube comedy videos, which have been viewed over 1.7 billion times. As of May 2014, Higa’s YouTube channel, Nigahiga, has over 12 million subscribers.


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Henry Hugglemonster Season 1!

Sparky Animation provided services in the assets creation, animation, effects and rendering of Henry Hugglemonster Season 1, as commissioned by Brown Bag Films. Henry Hugglemonster is an animated preschool show based on the book “I’m a Happy Hugglewug”, produced for Disney Junior. For more information, check out

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Dinosaur Train Season 3 is now available!

Continuing from the success of its first 2 seasons, Dinosaur Train is back with an all new Season 3!

Join Buddy and his friends as they meet lots of new friends and travel to rivers, mountains, canyons and even the rainforest in their Nature Trackers Adventure Camp!

Dinosaur Train first premiered on PBS in September 2009. Since then, this series has scored the highest viewership in PBS Kids’ entire history and was also named “Top Kids’ Show” by Hollywood’s renowned, People Magazine.

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ABC Australia acquires Dinosaur Train Season 3!

Dinosaur Train’s latest Season 3 is now airing for the very first time on Australia’s free-to-air TV, ABC.
The season premiered on September 10th 2014, and will be screened daily on ABC4Kids.
Sparky Animation is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful acclaim.

For more information, visit

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Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave in production!

Sparky Animation, in association with US broadcaster, Sprout is proud to present a co-production with Collingwood O’Hare and Bejuba! Entertainment, to bring you Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave.

This pre-school game show that encourages kids to simultaneously watch and play along with smartphones or tablets, will be debuting on Sprout in 2014.

For more information on the series, please visit our ‘Projects’ page at

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Norton Virgien visits!

Norton Virgien, Supervising Director of Disney’s Doc McStuffins and Henry Hugglemonster, visited Sparky Animation during his one week stint in Singapore.

Norton is part of Brown Bag Films; an Irish animation studio based in Dublin, which produced these 2 shows.

Sparky had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Norton, during this fun-filled production journey.

It was great having you here Norton!

View photos >>

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Doc McStuffins

Check out the article written by Brown Bag Film’s Animation Director, Shane Collins.

Here, he describes the experience of working on the animation of this hit TV series, with Sparky Animation.

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Sparky Animation moves!

Sparky Animation has recently re-located to 12 Harper Road. A bigger and brighter space for all to come together as one.

We look forward to a blissful and successful journey in our new office.


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Sparky Animation opens its doors in Malaysia!

Sparky Animation is thrilled to announce the set up of a new subsidiary company in Subang Jaya, Malaysia by March 2014.

Sparky Animation (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, will be located at the following address:
Suites B-6-1 to 8, Sky Park, One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A, 47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

The new modernistic space is also home to a mega shopping mall, hotel, fitness centre, restaurants and cinemas, which is conveniently located near airports and major highways. The landmark is also just a 25 minute drive from all major destinations, including Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

By July 2014, the studio would amount to 14,579 sq.ft, with a targeted manpower strength of 120 by December 2014.

Interested applicants may apply via the following address:


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Setting a trail for the Black Dragons

Sparky’s investor, Frenz Holdings which is home to Frenz United Football Club, is currently holding an International tournament in Malaysia, which featured a prelude match with Liverpool FC U-17.

Sparky Animation lent its creative hands to a trailer for the Black Dragons which will be featured during the Live telecast of the matches.

From 11th until 26th January 2014, Frenz United FC, together with Frenz United Football Academy and Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), proudly present the second Frenz International Cup 2014 (teams with players under 16 years old). Frenz International Cup is one of the major tournaments organized by Frenz United FC primarily to promote the continued development of young athletes as it relates to the fundamentals of football, sportsmanship, and athletic competition.

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Sparky Animation @ ATF 2013

Sparky Animation is proud to be a part of the Asia TV Forum 2013 (ATF). Asia’s leading entertainment content market provides top players with the opportunity to buy, sell, finance, distribute and co-produce, across all platforms.

Visit us at our Facebook page for snippets of the event:

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A delightful visit by the students of SP

Year 2 students undertaking their Diploma in Digital Animation in SP were recently given a better insight into a career in animation. This group of 50 students had the opportunity to get an inside look of what it really means to be in this industry. The following feedback was received by some of the students:

What is your impression of Sparky Animation after the tour?

Regina Phang says, “Very good. I found it an enlightening visit and thought it was impressive how much work has been done by Sparky.”

Jaslyn Lim says, “Before the visit, I did not think that the industry in Singapore was very strong but the visit to Sparky has proved me wrong.”

Natalie Kok says, ” It lives up to its good reputation.”

Would you consider applying for a job at Sparky Animation and why?

Joseph Cheng says,  “Yes I really like the working system and the strong pipeline, especially the tools provided.”

Geraldine Khor says, “Yes. I want to improve on my animation skills and I think that Sparky is able to bring me closer to my potential.”

Wu Yi Qing says, “Yes! The studio seems interesting and the people are friendly too.”

Check out some of the pictures taken from the event at our Facebook page – student visit to Sparky – 13 Nov 13

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Principal/CEO of SP pops by Sparky Animation

Having a number of SP interns in Sparky, we welcomed the Principal and CEO of the polytechnic to take a tour around the studio. The main intent of this visit was for the principal to have a first look of how his graduates fair in the animation industry and if the training provided in SP is indeed relevant to meet the needs/expectations of this industry. It was a fruitful event which ended in a casual get-to-know session with his SP graduates in Sparky.


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One Stormy Night Co-producer, Bandai Visual visits!

Sparky was recently humbled by the arrival of Bandai Visual at our studio. The Japanese co-producer for our TV series, One Stormy Night, was in town and popped by for a tour of the facilities in hopes to get acquainted with the company’s workflow. Bandai Visual Company, Limited, is a Japanese anime, film production and distribution enterprise, established by Bandai Company, Limited and a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc., which is based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.


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MDA graces Sparky Animation with a visit to the studio

Sparky Animation recently hosted the delegates from MDA (Media Development Authority), on a visit around the studio.

CEO of MDA, Ms Koh Lin-Net was the guest of honour during this momentous occasion.

The main intent of the visit was for MDA to gain a better insight into the Animation industry in Singapore and ways for the organization to render support.

Sparky was thrilled to feature our shows and the processes involved in creating such masterpieces.

 IMG_3857_sm IMG_3832_sm IMG_3823_sm IMG_3869_sm

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Sparky joins the ‘Toggle’ bandwagon!

In a mutual collaboration, Singapore’s Mediacorp has recently acquired to bring on Sparky Animation’s portfolio of series’ to Toggle! Season 2 of Dinosaur Train together with One Stormy Night, Fleabag Monkeyface, Mr Moon, Jack and Gogoriki will be available to ‘Toggle Prime Pack’ subscribers.

Toggle is an interactive service that goes beyond the television set, bringing entertainment, lifestyle tips, news and information to viewers across multiple devices. The service is available online, on smart phones, tablets and connected TVs, allowing viewers to stay engaged wherever they are.

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“Jack” clinches prestigious Canadian Award!

Jack” was a recent winner at the Youth Media Alliance (YMA), Award of Excellence for Best Television Program, Animation, Ages 6-8 Category. Canada’s YMA awarded the 2013 TV and digital production winners for its Awards of Excellence, which recognizes those breaking ground in the field of children’s screen entertainment in that country.

JK_Award2 JK_Award

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IZ Hero to the rescue!

In a co-production with NTU & NIE, Sparky Animation was recently involved in the IZ Hero Exhibition held at the Singapore Science Centre. In an attempt to empower young children with responsible digital citizenship and character development, Sparky lent its CGI capabilities to an animated clip that was featured at the exhibition.

 For more details, please refer to

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Caring & sharing with Singapore Kindness Movement!

Sparky Animation recently climbed on board with the Singapore Kindness Movement to produce an interactive CG animated clip together with a sing-a-long, for their programme , targeted at kids.

The short clip was incorporated with their Kindsville Tour, which featured a refresher in courtesy for daily situations.

For more information on this programme, please visit:

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Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave – Sparky’s latest co-production!

Sparky Animation is proud to present a co-production with Collingwood O’Hare and Bejuba! Entertainment, to bring you Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave.

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave are 3 young friends who engage the audience by asking multiple-choice questions during the show.

This pre-school game show that encourages kids to simultaneously watch and play along with smartphones or tablets, will be debuting on Sprout in 2014.

Join us for oodles of fun then!

iKids News – Ruff2 Tweet & Dave release


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Dinosaur Train chugs its way to a second Daytime Emmy Nomination!

For the second consecutive year, Dinosaur Train has managed to clinch yet another Daytime Emmy nomination under the category of  “OUTSTANDING PRE-SCHOOL ANIMATED PROGRAM”. The series is ranked among Nick’s Bubble Guppies, Disney Channel’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Sprout/Guru Studio’s Justin Time.

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Dinosaur Train’s first Live Musical at Marina Square Singapore

For the first time ever, a union between Sparky Animation, X System and Marina Square Singapore, Dinosaur Train Live Musical will be staged at Marina Square Mall from Dec 1 to 16, 2012. The musical is free to public and is held at the atrium of the mall.

This 22-minute musical will feature characters from the popular Dinosaur Train TV animation, Buddy, Tiny, Mr Conductor and King Cryolophosaurus.

And there will be 2 other fringe activities held from 17 to 21 December following the show. One is ‘Dinosaur Train Green Screen Snap Shot’ you can take a photo at the Dinosaur Train Green Screen Photo Station and pick your favourite photo background just for $5. You will also be given a specially printed Dinosaur Train notebook with the photo.

The other interesting activity is the animation workshop where kids ages from 5 to 12 years old can learn to create Dinosaur Train’s characters in stunning 3D at the 1-hour workshop. The registration fee per child per session is $10 and there will be 3 sessions at 1pm, 3pm & 5pm daily. Each participant will bring home the created 3D character and a goody bag.

Come and join us the unique experience in Marina Square!


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Sparky tale gets nod at Asian TV awards

An animation series by a home-grown company has been nominated for the Best 3D Animated Programme award at the Asian Television Awards 2012.

One Stormy Night, by Sparky Animation – a CGI-animation production firm – is a 26-part television series about the friendship between May, a young goat, and Gabu, a wolf who is also May’s best friend.

A collaboration with Baku Enterprise and Duckbill Entertainment Japan, One Stormy Night is based on a Japanese children’s book by award-winning author Yuiichi Kimura.

“(The nomination) certainly proves that we have had the correct formula, with great story from Japan and quality CGI work from Sparky Singapore,” said Dr K.C.Wong, the founder and chief executive of Sparky Animation.

Tomorrow, 20 lucky kids will get to see how animation series’, such as One Stormy Night, are created at Sparky Animation. They have each won the chance to tour the firm’s studio in New Industrial Road.

The winners sent in the correct answer to the question, “One Stormy Night is a story of the unlikely friendship between which two animations?” – a goat and a wolf – in a My Paper contest on Nov 12.

The winners are: Julia Tai, Lim Choon Charng, Benedict, Vivien Soh, Fooard Zosopari, Maslindah Kasman, Li Ji Xian, Annie Tng, Rachel Wong, Lee Cheng, KM Rahmansha, Liow Lay Choo, Jacqueline Chan, Chua Mui Cher, Tan Chew Bee, Tay Phek Huang, Yeoh Jia Kai, Lim Beng Choo, Lakshmi Dash and Lim Choon Er.


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Get blown away by ‘One Stormy Night’

On a first time ever co-production, Sparky Animation together with Japan’s Duckbill Entertainment, Baku Enterprise Inc. and Bandai Visual Inc. are proud to bring you a brand new CGI animated TV series, ‘One Stormy Night’. Based on the best selling Japanese books, the series is set to debut on April 4th 2012 on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi and TV Osaka. Get set for an amicable adventure that will tug on your heartstrings.

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An “Out-of-the-World” experience at Frasers Centrepoint Malls in Singapore during Christmas 2011

Singapore’s renowned shopping paradise will get to experience an “Out-of-the-World” fun-filled fiesta especially for the little ones and those young at heart during this festive season.

Frasers Centrepoint Malls is organizing “Mr Moon” themed activities such as musical live shows, animation discovery and picture book contest to be held at all their shopping malls located island wide from 11th November 2011 to 31st December 2011. “Mr Moon” is an animated television series co-produced by local company Sparky Animation Pte Ltd, UK based Gallileo Ltd and Canadian producer – Title Entertainment (Mr Moon) Inc.


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Sparky Animation announced another co-production project titled “One Stormy Night” at this year’s MIPCOM. “One Stormy Night” is an animated series co-produced between Sparky Animation and our Japanese Partners namely Duckbill Entertainment, Baku Enterprise Inc. and Bandai Visual Inc.

At the same event, Sparky Animation and Drawiz Singapore announced collaboration on a children animated series tentatively titled “Tocori The Ghost”.×42.jpg×10.jpg

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MDA streamlines funding schemes

Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) has announced on Channel News Asia of its latest move to sharpen the funding process by streamlining its suites of funding programmes to provide a more systematic approach to support an increasingly sophisticated media industry. This is based on feedback from industry players, namely local enterprises such as Sparky Animation Pte Ltd.


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Minister Visit at Sparky

Sparky Animation is graced by the visit of Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, together with Mr Sam Tan, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Information, Communications and the Arts, and accompanied by Mr Aubeck Kam, Chief Executive, Media Development Authority, together with the MICA and MDA delegation.

Dignitaries from the media sector experiencing an enlightening tour of our studio with its technological and artistic capabilities.

Dignitaries from the media sector experiencing an enlightening tour of our studio with its technological and artistic capabilities.

Arriving at our establishment is Minister Lui Tuck Yew, Mr Sam Tan, Mr Aubeck Kam, together with Dr Wong Kok Cheong (CEO of Sparky), Mrs Koh Soo Boon (CEO of iGlobe) and MDA delegates.

Arriving at our establishment is Minister Lui Tuck Yew, Mr Sam Tan, Mr Aubeck Kam, together with Dr Wong Kok Cheong (CEO of Sparky), Mrs Koh Soo Boon (CEO of iGlobe) and MDA delegates.

Here we are joined by Mrs Koh Soo Boon (CEO of iGlobe), Dr Wong Kok Cheong (CEO of Sparky), together with MICA delegates.

Here we are joined by Mrs Koh Soo Boon (CEO of iGlobe), Dr Wong Kok Cheong (CEO of Sparky), together with MICA delegates.

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Dinosaur Train has been nominated for the Toy Industry Association’s 2011 – Toy of the Year

The two year old Dinosaur Train has been nominated for Toy of the Year 2011 in the premier category by the Toy Industry Association.

The other nominees in this category are:

  • Toy Story 3 (Disney Consumer Products)
  • Thomas and Friends (HIT Entertainment)
  • Ben 10 Alien Force (Cartoon Network Enterprise)
  • Chuggington (Lodurum)
  • Monster High (Mattel)

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From Muppets to dinosaurs

The 40 episodes of Dinosaur Train’s debut season aired on PBS Kids in the US and on Okto channel in Singapore in the last two months. Work has started on the second season.

Ms Henson says she and her staff had also looked at other companies in India and South Korea to collaborate with on Dinosaur Train, ‘but the sample work we saw that was done here was so superior that we were really happy with the quality of the work’.


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Dr KC Wong, on Primetime Morning Channel News Asia

In seizing the opportunity to promote Singapore as the next animation hub, our CEO and founder Dr KC Wong appeared together with America based counterpart Ms Lisa Henson on an exclusive interview by Channel News Asia Primetime Morning anchors Steven Chia and Suzanne Jung Ki Eng.

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Lisa Henson visits Sparky Animation studio

20 years after the passing of Jim Henson – the creator of “The Muppets” and “Sesame Street” – the Jim Henson Company continues to produce numerous children’s TV programs. The company is now run by Jim’s children and headed by daughter Lisa Henson.

She dropped by the studio to discuss her plans for the company and its’ collaboration with Singapore based studio Sparky Animation to co-produce the hit children’s TV series Dinosaur Train.

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Mr Moon rises to Top-Ten New Kids’ Programme in TVO

Mr Moon also thrilled little audiences in Canada and was voted Top-Ten New Kids’ Programme on TVO Kids and received high viewership on regional channel Knowledge Network and SCN.

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Mr Moon broadcasting rights acquired by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

At the recently concluded MIPCOM in Cannes France, Sparky Animation announces new broadcaster, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has acquire broadcasting rights of Mr Moon. ABC plans to air the show in February next year.

The show premiered on Disney UK a few months ago and received the 2nd largest premiere the channel has ever seen.

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MIPCOM 2010: First two commissions for Walker

Walker Productions has signed up its first two commissions with leading broadcasters.

Cbeebies will be the home of new pre-school series Tilly and Friends from 2012, which has been adapted from Polly Dunbar’s book series published by Walker Books. The TV production division of the company is working with Jam Media on the show.

“We are so pleased that Tilly and Friends will air on Cbeebies and look forward to delivering the popular book-based series to a whole new audience, as part of Walker Productions’ commitment to developing fantastic book-based properties for additional media platforms,” said Helen McAleer, MD of Walker Productions and Walker Books UK.

Meanwhile, CITV will broadcast new animation Fleabag Monkeyface. The show will be the first new animation commissioned from CITV since 2005.

The 52 x 11-minute episodes have been developed by Sparky Animation, Impossible Kids and Walker Productions and are due to launch on CITV, ITV1 and GMTV1 in September 2011.

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Playhouse Disney UK & Canada Broadcasters pick up ‘Mr Moon’


Playhouse Disney (UK), TVO, Knowledge Network and SCN (Canada) have all acquired ‘Mr Moon’, The preschool show, which is produced by Singapore based Sparky Animation in association with Skaramoosh (London) and Title Entertainment (Ottawa) with support from the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

The distributors of the series, Sparky Animation, have announced that leading preschool channel, Playhouse Disney UK, will air ‘Mr Moon’ in 2010.

‘Mr Moon’ is adapted from a children’s book property of the same name, which was created by English writer illustrator Kate Veale. The series revolves around ‘Mr Moon’ and his friends – Sunny, Silva Star, Goldstar and his little red Supafast Rocket who will come to life in CGI with stunning digital painted backgrounds. In all of the stories in the series, ‘Mr Moon’ and his friends go on adventures all around the universe exploring planets, stars, constellations, black holes, nebulae and galaxies. Sometimes the friends lose track of time in these adventures but no matter what, they must always get back in time to take their rightful place in the night sky.

Jonathan Boseley, VP, Programming, Disney Channels UK & Ireland comments: “We are thrilled to be launching ‘Mr Moon’ on Playhouse Disney and we’re sure it will delight preschoolers and their parents. Following the channel’s continued success we’re looking to expand our UK acquisitions with hit shows like “‘Mr Moon'” that engage and inspire preschoolers with great storytelling and characters.”

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Mr Moon to screen in UK, Canada

Singapore-based Sparky Animation has sold broadcast rights of its CG-animated preschool show Mr. Moon to outlets in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Playhouse Disney U.K. will begin airing the program in 2010. In Canada, the rights have been picked up by regional broadcasters TVOntario, Knowledge Network in British Columbia and SCN in Saskatchewan.

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The First 3D Animation Series in the Gulf

Freej is the title of the upcoming Arabic 3D animated series to be aired on Dubai TV starting Ramadhan 2006. Freej means ‘Neighbourhood’ in the Khaleeji dialect and would tell the comic story of four old ladies living in a small traditional neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city of Dubai.

What makes Freej so special is the fact that it is the first 3D animated series to be created by an Emarati national and is now being supported by Dubai Media City and the Sheikh Mohammed Establishment for Young Entrepreneurs in terms of financial, business and strategic support.

The creator of Freej, Mohammed Harib majored in General Arts and Animation at North Eastern University in Boston, M.A, USA. He was employed at Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone until he took a one year leave earlier this year to dedicate all his time to the creation of Freej through his newly created production company Lammtara Pictures.

In addition to being the managing director of Lammtara Pictures and the director of Freej, Mohammed is also a professional photographer, web designer, cartoonist and had also made several attempts at writing poetry and literature in addition to modeling as well. His portfolio includes the creationg of the brand identity of Dubai International Film Festival.

The first season of Freej will air as 15 episodes over the holy month of Ramadhan, an extra 16th episode will be included as a bonus in the DVD release that is expected to come out after the conclusion of season one. Freej will feature more than 15 popular Arabic media personalities yet to be announced.

Mohammed is currently in constant travel between the UAE and India, as the audio is recorded in one country and the video is being created in another. Freej merchandise is already on sale in Dubai and several press releases have been held at several events to promote the upcoming series.

Freej would be a unique adventure to the audience as it brings forth the cultural national identity back to the screen, the success of Freej should also set an example to other artists and creators to take their little dreams more seriously as we now witness what we hope to be the rise of the Arabic animation industry.

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