Sparky Animation and Presto Music Production’s “Rhythm Warriors” now in production!


Sparky Animation and Presto Music Production are delighted to announce that their new animated TV series is now in production.

“Rhythm Warriors” is a magical, fantastical, musical comedy targeted at 4-7 year olds and their families. Packed with action and adventure, the show neatly teaches the fundamentals of music education and appreciation. 

The show is co-created by Presto Music’s David A Jones and Sparky’s CEO, KC Wong.

Duane Capizzi – best known for his work with DC Comics, the award winning “Transformers: Prime” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – was brought in to develop the treatment and pilot episode.

The narrative of “Rhythm Warriors” features strong core values of teamwork and friendship as our dynamic heroes battle to save their planet in the most unique way. Each episode is set within a different region of the fantastical world of “Rhythmos”, featuring music of a different genre or era. 

“Rhythm Warriors” is wildly entertaining and uses real rhythmic notation as the mystical codes to be unlocked in each mad-cap episode. Season 1 is slated for 52 x 11 minutes which Sparky will pitch to buyers for the first time in Cannes at MIPTV – April 8-11 2019.


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