Our Partners

Over the years, it has been our privilege to work with many creditable Co-production Partners who are leading players of the media industry. Together, we have produced several outstanding animation shows for TV and theatrical releases, while sharing memorable experiences during our collaborations. We have also embarked on many new animation shows with them in a continuing long-term relationship.

Our partners in distribution and merchandizing are experienced professionals who are leaders in their business. They have provided the widest possible publicity for the shows and propelled the worldwide sales of the products, resulting in their commercial success.

Our Clients

It has been our great pleasure to work with many prominent broadcasters who have televised our shows to a wide, international audience. The synergy of their participation during our production, through their feedback and advice, played a significant role in the cohesive development of the creative aspects of the shows. The results were brilliant!

We have also provided CG animation services to many production houses. We have successfully completed the high quality projects on time and within budget, much to the satisfaction of our clients.