Lead, CG Asset Artist (Modeling & Texture Painting)


  • Manage and coordinate CGI assets and resources.
  • Act as a mentor and guide the team members.
  • Review asset submissions from the team members and control the quality of work.
  • Modeling of characters, props and environments.
  • Creation and manipulation of UV maps.
  • Texture painting and mapping.
  • Collaborating with a group of technical staff to establish a workflow and a pipeline for facilitating the texturing process.


  • At least 3-5 years of professional work experience in CG commercial projects.
  • At least a Diploma holder or equivalent qualifications.
  • Proficient in the use of Photoshop and Autodesk Maya.
  • Familiarity with other CG software i.e. 3D Studio Max, Mudbox or ZBrush, is an added advantage.
  • Management skills on assets and resources. Ability to prioritize and assign tasks for the asset team to meet production deadlines.
  • Able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers.
  • Must be able to multi task and handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Able to judge asset work technically and creatively.
  • Strong knowledge of figure anatomy and the underlying biomechanics structure of a variety of characters.
  • Good understanding of polygonal mesh flow and how it relates to deformation. Must be able to provide feedback to modeling team on mesh topology to meet rigging deformation requirements.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to troubleshoot and solve rig issues for artists from various disciplines.


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Conceptual Artists


  • To work on conceptual design and illustration of characters, props and locations.
  • Delivery of detailed drawings of characters, props and locations for 3D production.
  • To determine colour schemes and textural attributes for the characters, props and locations.
  • Provide model sheets/2D turnarounds of the designs.
  • Storyboarding based on the film scripts (optional).


  • At least 3 years’ professional work experience in at least one of the following areas: drawing comics, drawing animals, character design, location design etc. A good cartoonist is a must.
  • At least a Diploma holder or equivalent qualifications.
  • Must able to work well under pressure, and follow schedules closely.
  • Ability to multi-task and respond fast to the retakes.
  • Proficient in Digital painting softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrators, and/or Painter. (Note: Having traditional drawing skills are not enough.)
  • A comprehensive portfolio is essential.
  • Able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers.


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System Administrator


  • Introducing and integrating new technologies into existing data center environments.
  • Being responsible for the security of the company’s IT environment.
  • Ensuring that the network and storage infrastructure is always up and running.
  • Performing regular backups of office and production files.
  • Performing routine audits of systems and software.
  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
  • Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
  • Installing and configuring new hardware and software.
  • Being responsible for technical issues with company e-mail, ftp and web server.
  • Adding, removing, or updating user account information, resetting passwords, etc.
  • Answering technical queries and troubleshooting any IT problems reported by co-workers.
  • Tuning up system performance.


  • Must be able to work well under pressure, and always follow schedule.
  • Diploma or Degree holder in the field of Computer Engineering or Information Technologies.
  • 2–5 years of system administration experience.
  • Able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers.
  • Self-starter, energetic, strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize workload.
  • Detail-oriented and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.


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Project Coordinators


  • Closely monitor the project’s progress during the development of the full range of production assets for a show, and know its status at any given moment.
  • Update the production schedule for various important processes in the production pipeline.
  • To work closely with the Production Manager to ensure all production team members complete their assignments on schedule, and pursue targets with timely reminders when anyone falls behind.
  • Arrange meetings for production staff to keep abreast of production matters.
  • Organize the relevant important information and circulate it promptly to the Management and the Production Crew Supervisors & Leads, both within Sparky and with those of third party collaborators.
  • Correspond with the involved parties, via e-mail or instant messaging, with up to the minute information.
  • Organize and consolidate all production materials provided by the client at the FTP site.
  • Organize and consolidate all our production materials and deliverables and prepare them for submission to the client via the FTP site.
  • To work closely with the Production Supervisors & Leads to understand any production problems that arise and liaise with the client to present the issues convincingly before them and follow through until the problems are resolved without delay.
  • Coordinate more than one project at the same time, multi-tasking between them.


  • At least 2 years’ relevant experience in similar capacity.
  • At least a Diploma holder or equivalent qualifications.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure, and follow closely to the schedule.
  • Good organizational, planning and project management skills.
  • Able to multi-task, work independently and prioritize workloads effectively.
  • Excellent spoken and written skills in English, ability to converse in Mandarin and Malay will be preferred.
  • Self-motivated, independent and target-oriented.


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Dinosaur Train’s first Live Musical at Marina Square Singapore

For the first time ever, a union between Sparky Animation, X System and Marina Square Singapore, Dinosaur Train Live Musical will be staged at Marina Square Mall from Dec 1 to 16, 2012. The musical is free to public and is held at the atrium of the mall.

This 22-minute musical will feature characters from the popular Dinosaur Train TV animation, Buddy, Tiny, Mr Conductor and King Cryolophosaurus.

And there will be 2 other fringe activities held from 17 to 21 December following the show. One is ‘Dinosaur Train Green Screen Snap Shot’ you can take a photo at the Dinosaur Train Green Screen Photo Station and pick your favourite photo background just for $5. You will also be given a specially printed Dinosaur Train notebook with the photo.

The other interesting activity is the animation workshop where kids ages from 5 to 12 years old can learn to create Dinosaur Train’s characters in stunning 3D at the 1-hour workshop. The registration fee per child per session is $10 and there will be 3 sessions at 1pm, 3pm & 5pm daily. Each participant will bring home the created 3D character and a goody bag.

Come and join us the unique experience in Marina Square!


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Sparky tale gets nod at Asian TV awards

An animation series by a home-grown company has been nominated for the Best 3D Animated Programme award at the Asian Television Awards 2012.

One Stormy Night, by Sparky Animation – a CGI-animation production firm – is a 26-part television series about the friendship between May, a young goat, and Gabu, a wolf who is also May’s best friend.

A collaboration with Baku Enterprise and Duckbill Entertainment Japan, One Stormy Night is based on a Japanese children’s book by award-winning author Yuiichi Kimura.

“(The nomination) certainly proves that we have had the correct formula, with great story from Japan and quality CGI work from Sparky Singapore,” said Dr K.C.Wong, the founder and chief executive of Sparky Animation.

Tomorrow, 20 lucky kids will get to see how animation series’, such as One Stormy Night, are created at Sparky Animation. They have each won the chance to tour the firm’s studio in New Industrial Road.

The winners sent in the correct answer to the question, “One Stormy Night is a story of the unlikely friendship between which two animations?” – a goat and a wolf – in a My Paper contest on Nov 12.

The winners are: Julia Tai, Lim Choon Charng, Benedict, Vivien Soh, Fooard Zosopari, Maslindah Kasman, Li Ji Xian, Annie Tng, Rachel Wong, Lee Cheng, KM Rahmansha, Liow Lay Choo, Jacqueline Chan, Chua Mui Cher, Tan Chew Bee, Tay Phek Huang, Yeoh Jia Kai, Lim Beng Choo, Lakshmi Dash and Lim Choon Er.


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