Sparky Animation @ ATF 2013

Sparky Animation is proud to be a part of the Asia TV Forum 2013 (ATF). Asia’s leading entertainment content market provides top players with the opportunity to buy, sell, finance, distribute and co-produce, across all platforms.

Visit us at our Facebook page for snippets of the event:

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A delightful visit by the students of SP

Year 2 students undertaking their Diploma in Digital Animation in SP were recently given a better insight into a career in animation. This group of 50 students had the opportunity to get an inside look of what it really means to be in this industry. The following feedback was received by some of the students:

What is your impression of Sparky Animation after the tour?

Regina Phang says, “Very good. I found it an enlightening visit and thought it was impressive how much work has been done by Sparky.”

Jaslyn Lim says, “Before the visit, I did not think that the industry in Singapore was very strong but the visit to Sparky has proved me wrong.”

Natalie Kok says, ” It lives up to its good reputation.”

Would you consider applying for a job at Sparky Animation and why?

Joseph Cheng says,  “Yes I really like the working system and the strong pipeline, especially the tools provided.”

Geraldine Khor says, “Yes. I want to improve on my animation skills and I think that Sparky is able to bring me closer to my potential.”

Wu Yi Qing says, “Yes! The studio seems interesting and the people are friendly too.”

Check out some of the pictures taken from the event at our Facebook page – student visit to Sparky – 13 Nov 13

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Principal/CEO of SP pops by Sparky Animation

Having a number of SP interns in Sparky, we welcomed the Principal and CEO of the polytechnic to take a tour around the studio. The main intent of this visit was for the principal to have a first look of how his graduates fair in the animation industry and if the training provided in SP is indeed relevant to meet the needs/expectations of this industry. It was a fruitful event which ended in a casual get-to-know session with his SP graduates in Sparky.


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One Stormy Night Co-producer, Bandai Visual visits!

Sparky was recently humbled by the arrival of Bandai Visual at our studio. The Japanese co-producer for our TV series, One Stormy Night, was in town and popped by for a tour of the facilities in hopes to get acquainted with the company’s workflow. Bandai Visual Company, Limited, is a Japanese anime, film production and distribution enterprise, established by Bandai Company, Limited and a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc., which is based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.


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MDA graces Sparky Animation with a visit to the studio

Sparky Animation recently hosted the delegates from MDA (Media Development Authority), on a visit around the studio.

CEO of MDA, Ms Koh Lin-Net was the guest of honour during this momentous occasion.

The main intent of the visit was for MDA to gain a better insight into the Animation industry in Singapore and ways for the organization to render support.

Sparky was thrilled to feature our shows and the processes involved in creating such masterpieces.

 IMG_3857_sm IMG_3832_sm IMG_3823_sm IMG_3869_sm

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Visual Effects Artist


  • To work with Visual Effect Lead to design and create various effects for different projects
  • Setup for simulating and generating special effects using animation controls and dynamics.


  • At least 3 years of extensive experience in design and generating special effects
  • Proficient in Autodesk Maya Dynamics and Fluids
  • Proficient in Realflow or Naiad
  • Proficient in Adobe After Effects and Fusion. Experience with compositing plugins and packages will be advantegous
  • A degree, diploma, or equivalent qualification from a visual effect program is preferred
  • Eager and fast learner with strong desire to take on challenges
  • Able to work in a dynamic team and communicate efficiently with teammates as well as co-workers
  • Fresh graduates who have above skillsets and mindsets are welcome to apply as Junior VFX Artists.


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