Licensing and Merchandising Manager

He/she is accountable for delivering license sales or revenues from program distribution and royalties to character licensing and merchandising, and assuring that all licensed products meet the level of quality as demanded by the Sparky Animation Brand. He/she is responsible for negotiating the distribution, agency or license agreements, and any changes thereon. On a daily basis, the Licensing Manager works closely with the Licensing and Merchandising Team, marketing, design, development and creative teams, to assure full implementation of Sparky’s L&M Strategies.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The candidate will be responsible for achieving sales target for license sales from program distribution and royalties for licensing and merchandising (L&M) business and ensure profitable growth. You will ensure all licensed products meet the quality standard and responsible for negotiating the distribution, agency or license agreement. Working closely with the L&M team in marketing, design, development and creative department, you will manage and implement Sparky’s L&M Strategies.

  • Develop and implement Company’s Marketing and Communication strategies including Intellectual Properties for L&M business.
  • Optimize revenue generation from a portfolio of Intellectual Properties to meet or exceed revenue plan and assure compliance with all contractual obligations from distributors, agents, and licensees.
  • Define licensing scope and costing, in-line with company’s corporate strategy relative to new revenue models, opportunities, and new business segments, collaboration with vertical markets, and initiate the development of contracting process from drafting of legal agreements, reviewing of the terms, to final approval and signatures.
  • Manage and integrate efficiently, the application of policy and processes into and across L&M business unit
  • Establish and maintain strategic relationships with senior managers and external partners, distributors, agents, and licensees to develop and manage activities and promotion to achieve company’s objectives.
  • A focal contact person for Accounting, you will be responsible to implement and manage post transactions sales and license fee payment, track and record all sources of revenue.


  • Degree in Marketing, Communications, Sales, or any related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in licensing, marketing, or related business.
  • Prior experience in negotiating legal contracts and other legal documents.
  • Strong working knowledge and understanding of license agreements.
  • Excellent communication skills in digital presentations.
  • Experience in strategic business planning, development and execution.
  • Ability to operate and lead a fast paced environment.
  • Passionate about animation entertainment.
  • Strong creative instincts and understanding of the media industry.
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to lead a licensing and merchandising team.
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