Lighting TD

Lighting Technical Director

Job Description:

The Lighting TD is responsible for developing and maintaining software tools, providing front-line support to lighting artists, and general troubleshooting of the CG pipeline in a fast-paced animation production environment. The primary focus is ensuring workflow and pipeline efficiency in the lighting department. Works with the lighting supervisors to attend to the day-to-day tasks and priorities.


Provide front-line production support in the lighting team, troubleshoot assets and shots, help lighting artists with general problem-solving.

  • Identify day-to-day priorities in conjunction with the lighting supervisors and manager.

  • Develop lighting tools to meet immediate and show-directed production demands as directed by the lighting supervisors. Help maintain a wide array of existing workflows and scripts.

  • Collaborate with the technical pipeline team to ensure that the lighting tools work effectively with the rest of the departments in the whole animation pipeline.

  • Act as an on-call resource for show production staff, primarily for urgent lighting or rendering problems.

  • Manage and troubleshoot render job issues on the renderfarm.

  • Write documentations for the lighting workflows and tools and keep them up-to-date.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related technical field.

  • Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining tools for use in animation or visual effects pipeline, preferably for the lighting department.

  • In-depth knowledge of Maya and strong scripting skills using Python and MEL.

  • Experience with renderer such as MentalRay, Vray and Arnold.

  • Familiar with After Effects, Fusion and Nuke. Experience with building tools or scripting in these applications will be favourable.

  • Experience with Render Managing System, such as Royal Render, is a plus.

  • Experience with crowd set-up is a plus.

  • Detail oriented and strong problem-solving skills. Ability to multi-task and prioritize.

  • Ability to communicate with different discipline and provide innovative solutions to lighting issues.

  • At least 3 years of production experience in full CG animated TV series or visual effects in movie production.

Desired Skills and Experience

Animation, 3D Maya Character Animation, Computer Animation, Maya Character Rigging 3D, 3D Animation, Facial Animation, Lighting, Nuke, Mental Ray, Renderman, Visual Effects, Look Development, Compositing, Shading, MEL, Computer Graphics, Texturing, Digital Compositing, Feature Films, Film, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro