Character Technical Director


  • Create versatile character rigs and animation interfaces to suit the requirements of the production.
  • Sculpt blendshapes and create character facial rigs.
  • Create rigs for props and locations.
  • Test the rigs before handing over to animation team.
  • Troubleshoot and improve the rigs in response to feedback from other departments.


  • At least 3 years of extensive experience in character setup for animation or film industry.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, Computer Science or other relevant areas of study, OR demonstrable skill set in rigging and tool development.
  • Experience in developing tools using Maya API and/or MEL to improve the productivity of the process of character animation.
  • Experience in setting up cloth/hair/dynamic simulation rigs is a bonus.
  • Proficiency in MEL and/or Python and/or Maya API and/or C++.
  • Able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers.
  • Must be able to multi task and handle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Good understanding of polygonal mesh flow and how it relates to deformation.
  • Good sculpting/modeling skills with the ability to translate 2D concept expression sheets into 3D blendshape targets.
  • Good aesthetic sense to sculpt appealing blendshape targets when concept expression sheets are not provided.
  • Appreciation for physics and kinematics.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to troubleshoot and solve rig issues for artists from various disciplines.


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