Equity Investor

iGlobe Partners has been an equity investor of Sparky Animation since January 2010. Being an internationally renowned venture capital firm, iGlobe Partners’ multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team, share the same passion as Sparky management in spearheading the local animation industry into world class stature. It has recently been ranked among the Top 100 Venture Capitalists by Red Herring.
For more information on iGlobe Partners, please see: http://www.iglobepartners.com

Project Investment

Editude Pictures Pte Ltd hails as the first project investor of Sparky Animation Pte Ltd. Editude Pictures invests and strategically works in tandem with Sparky Animation to build a library of Intellectual Properties by producing a slate of TV series and Movies.
For more information on Editude Pictures Pte Ltd, please see: http://editude.com.sg