Licensing and Merchandising Director

The Licensing and Merchandising Director is a strategic global marketer to drive Sparky’s vision of global programme distribution on all of the company’s intellectual properties, (i.e. TV series, movies, etc.) to commercialize these assets/properties and create Sparky’s personalized brand worldwide.  He/she will define and execute marketing initiatives and in conjunction with the objectives set for global distribution, the Director will build a cohesive and actionable global Marketing Plan for Sparky’s Assets/Properties, leveraging on the best practices of the industry around the world. Partnering with internal and external resources, he/she is to develop and execute integrated programs and drive the development of a compelling, cohesive Licensing and Merchandising Campaign that would enhance and grow the excitement of Sparky’s Intellectual Properties around the globe.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Reporting to the CEO of Sparky Animation, the Licensing and Merchandising Director will also work closely with other senior executives (i.e. L & M Managers, Marketing Manager, Creative Development & Design, etc.) in the overall implementation of the L&M strategy of Sparky.
  • Negotiate and secure licensing deals encompassing all aspects of Sparky’s Intellectual Properties on programme distribution, merchandising, and character licensing across all territories.
  • Work with regional and global intellectual properties and/or programme distribution networks and to pro-actively manage/protect Sparky’s intellectual properties.
  • Work closely with L&M Managers, to identify potential licensees, and to assist them in deal structuring and in determining the license scope.
  • Identify and perform analytics related to sales trends, category performance, working capital (payables, receivables & inventory) for both on site operations and online sales.
  • Oversea the L&M Department/Division of Sparky, and establish departmental KPIs, metric targets and benchmarks for analyzing performance and advice on visual merchandising strategies, merchandise assortment and promotional efforts.
  • Actively manage and seek out incremental revenue opportunities.
  • Manage partnerships with Broadcasters, oversee and evaluate the Company’s worldwide operations in terms of revenue commitments, opening of new markets and expansion of product categories of existing channels.
  • Coordinate with key internal departments/divisions in planning and execution of global marketing strategies. (i.e. Finance and Accounting, Creative Department, Production, Marketing, etc. )
  • Manage multiple projects from beginning to end and be able meet deadlines.
  • Deliver revenue and other financial targets for the year.


  • A Degree in Marketing, Advertising or any related field. An MBA or advanced degree is highly desirable.
  • Excellent leadership and team building/management skills.
  • Expertise in planning, prioritizing, and goal setting including the ability to manage multiple projects, determine project urgency and create detailed action plans.
  • Capable of shaping a clear strategic vision with the ability to provide clear and concise directions/feedback to external and internal stakeholders as well as the ability to influence others.
  • Must be a seasoned and strategic business executive with proven track record in the following areas:
  • Experience in marketing organizations with an in-depth working knowledge of the global consumer and/or entertainment landscape and a successful record of delivering programs that meet or exceed corporate revenue goals.
  • 8+ years of brand strategy/marketing experiences preferably in supporting a global brand or property.
  • Experience in managing a portfolio of intellectual properties and in developing comprehensive merchandising and intellectual property character licensing initiatives.
  • Experience in program licensing projects with broadcasters and/or TV networks.
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