Sparky Entertainment is looking for a VFX Artist


Responsibilities of a VFX Artist 

  • Produce appealing and splendid visual effect finals for a wide range of show genres.

  • Design and develop physically or semi-physically accurate simulations (smoke, water, fire, dust, weather, etc.) while respecting the technical and aesthetic standards of a project

  • Devise creative solutions and apply practical approaches to various special effects, including the creation of dynamic textures, using deformers, utilizing paint FX or hair/cloth dynamics and even taking advantage of compositing FX, etc.

  • Set up lighting and render layers for FX components and composite with layers from lighting department into the final result

  • Optimize and troubleshoot simulation, rendering and compositing issues in a fast-paced environment

  • To be able to discuss the technical and artistic requirements of the effects in an organized and competent manner, with the supervisory staff


  • At least 4 years of extensive experience in design and generating special effects

  • Proficient in Autodesk Maya Dynamics and Fluids

  • Proficient in Realflow or Naiad

  • Proficient in Adobe After Effects and Fusion. Experience with compositing plugins and packages will be advantageous

  • Eager and fast learner with a strong desire to take on challenges

  • Able to work in a dynamic team and communicate efficiently with teammates as well as co-workers

Apply Here  

Sparky Entertainment is looking for a VFX Artist to join our team! Visual Effects Artist Jobs in Chennai- India, Send in your showreel and CV to

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Flicked Up – The Ultimate Time Killer Game

cover photo

Flicked Up is an exciting physics puzzle game, where the player takes control of a ball and flicks it into a destination bowl. The game employs a simple flick control, yet has more than 100 interesting and challenging levels to play with.

The game is extremely simple – drop the ball into the destination bowl in a single flick against obstacles like bombs, jump pads, glass floors, cannons and spikes.

Every level has a unique solution and the challenge gets crazy and fun as you go up levels.The game is designed and developed by Sparky Entertainment Private Limited.

The Features

120 Super challenging levels (60 Free levels and 60 Purchasable levels).

– Easy Flick Control.

– 12 level packs with 10 interesting levels in each pack.

– Aim for three stars in every level for a higher star count

– Use your stars to unlock higher level packs.

– Purchase premium levels to disable the ads in the game.

– Designed exclusively for pastime fun.

app-st g-play

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