Shaabiat is an animated social comedy show. The most prominent heroes of this show are Shambeh, Bu Mhayer, Affari, Atooga, Osman, Bu Sulayman, along with others.

Most of the topics in the series puts a spotlight on some of the bad social behaviours that people are used to, and all these stories happens in a neighbourhood called (Shaabiat Alcartoon) which is the home of the mentioned characters who hail from different nationalities and cultures.

Together with Fanar Production, Sparky Animation rendered services on a work-for-hire basis in the Asset creation, Layout, Animation, Special Effects, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing of Shaabiat Seasons 11 & 12. 

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Trying to help his village break free from vicious hyenas, a young boy finds himself in a magical world. He meets new friends who join him on a quest to see a magician who might help Savva’s village.

Alongside Russia’s Glukoza Production, Sparky Animation provided services for a 5 minute segment of this movie in the form of Layout, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing & Effects. Sparky also worked on the 3D stereoscopic version for this segment.

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